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        Smokeless square barbecue charcoal-burning oven with Roast leg of lamb

        Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 17


        Product parameters

        Brand: the source of food

        Trade name: The square charcoal-burning oven

        Texture: stainless steel

        Size: L:51.5cm H:48cm H: 54.5cm

        Scope of application: restaurant /BBQ restaurant

        Fuel: charcoal

        The number of users:3-5 people


        Detail show

        1. Made of stainless steel

        High quality stainless steel, uneasy to rust, corrosion resistant, long life.

        2. Thick ventilated carbon groove

        Made by the thick heating and cold rolled steel plate, the heat resistance is not deformed, the bottom has the ventilated round hole, ventilated combustion.

        3. the legs of roast lamb can remove

        Oversize toasted fork, multi-layer height adjustable, height can be adjusted according your need.

        4. independent oil sink

        The oil that is produced by the barbecue directly drops into the oil sink, not producing lampblack, more hygienic, more healthy.

        5 independent detachable baking net

        Made of stainless steel gluten, barbecue, grilled skewers, roasted vegetables and so on, convenient and practical.

        With more and more match

        The source of food whole table and chair BBQ equipment.

        Different table panel for customer choice

        Stainless steel wire drawing/ stainless steel/ black titanium brushed, solid wood/ Golden/rose gold/ marble

        The source of food one-stop provides restaurant barbecue equipment and can be customized according to customer's requirements.


        What is the source of food?

        The source of food is a service provider of professional one-stop service whole solution theme dining-room , to provide one-stop solution for entrepreneurs in 2005: To provide one-stop service of the business guidance, storefront location, decorate a style to custom design, desk and chair design , store decoration, equipment installation and technical training etc.


        Customers restaurant live show

        If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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