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        The Product Advantages Of A New Type Automic Roast Leg Of lamb Burn Oven

                  The significant advantages of automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven
                  1, The automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven adopts a patent automatic turning system, which does not need artificial operation, that is to be baked, save manual, convenient and quick.

                  2, The fire path is completely new, the gas quantity is adjusted at will, the fire is small and does not return to fire. Two sections of fire design, one can be burned independently, it can also be burned at the same time, fast and slow free adjustment, gas is not wasted.

                  3, The automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven uses a new high density honeycomb infrared plate, which has higher heat efficiency and is not easy to break.

                  4, The tungsten iron chromium aluminum wire, which is finer and more uniform fire.

        Automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven

                 5, The automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven uses aerospace equipment high temperature cotton, insulation insulation performance is better, the fuselage is not hot, energy is not waste, more energy saving and more safe.

                 6, The design of casting, the abolition of the second generation of the cemented soil to overcome the burning plate easily off aging, ugly ugly gas fire and other shortcomings, the key parts of stronger and more durable.
                 7, The interior design of the automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven is more simplified and more spacious, and the maintenance of the mouth is easier.

                 Gongyi Lantian machinery factory specializing in the production of automatic roast leg of lamb burn oven, has more than 20 years of production experience, the production of high quality products, preferential prices, long service life, provide the perfect pre-sale and customer service service for you, to win the praise of customers at home and abroad, is worthy of your new manufacturer, welcome to purchase!

        If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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