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        Open barbecue shop Maori, to share the barbecue shop, how can we make more money?

        As the temperature gradually increased, around one after another into the summer, grill and roadside stall also entered the season, Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer, Roast Lamb Leg, pork, grilled chicken wings, grilled ribs are you love barbecue food, however, in the eyes of the business are more concerned about what kind of thing barbecue food to big profits, open grill gross profit in the end there?
        You may think that money should be open grill meats, such as Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer, grilled rib, roast chicken, in fact is not the case, because the barbecue cost was high, coupled with charcoal and oil, meat is very oil, brush oil to keep for food more fragrant, more tender. In fact, more money is estimated that we all think, is like roast vegetables, mushroom, chives, baked potatoes, the cost was very low, a pound may be 1-2 yuan, but 1 pounds can bake the 2-3 disk, a price at least 8 yuan, so the profit is 2-3 times.
        Take the lamb, the Lamb on the market at present price is small rise in the wholesale price, then 1 pounds in 30 yuan, a pound of mutton string to string 40 string, but also need to see your meat string size, 1 pound of mutton profit can reach at least 40%, others like backstraps kidney, meat gristle, profits can be in 50%, only 25 yuan a pound of chicken wings, but a bunch of chicken wings on the barbecue carbon price is 6 yuan, count down each string of wings cost about 2 yuan, the profit and the profit of mutton chicken wings are almost the same, but compared with meat and vegetables, profit is still relatively slightly lower.
        So the grill inside the vegetable dish profit is very large, a string of leek profits can reach 200%, leek price in the market is 3 yuan 1 kg, if the morning then the price will be cheaper, a barbecue shop can bake 3 pounds of leeks, a price is 10 yuan, if it is a skewer leek, the profit will be greater, tofu material profit is also very impressive, only 26 yuan a pound of fish tofu, a pound can string 30 string, a string of selling 5 yuan, profits of at least 200% or more, so the grill vegetable dish is very large profits.
        But decided to barbecue shop profits also cannot do without drinks and beverages, almost every table cannot do without a drink, mineral water was less than 20 yuan, a nearly 30 bottles, a bottle of 2 yuan, profit is 150%, the purchase price is 2 yuan a bottle of wine, priced at 4-5 yuan. If there is a fixed distributor to send you drinks, it would be cheaper. And how much to spend on the drinks dealer, he will return it to you. Therefore, a barbecue shop in the evening turnover of more than ten thousand, is not a difficult problem, this and your barbecue shop, shop location and decoration, as well as barbecue flavor have a great relationship. I want to open a lucrative barbecue shop, also need to consider.
        What's the profit of the barbecue shop? It depends on the size of your barbecue shop, the way of management, the flavor of barbecue, the kind of barbecue and the location of the barbecue shop. Friends if you have questions or not start to open barbecue shop, you can consult our food source, 157-1381-7123, we are dedicated to open barbecue shop there to solve the experts, from the design of the decoration to the barbecue store, automatic barbecue smoke facilities equipment sales, as well as the shop and guidance, staff training and so on. We can all provide you with excellent solutions

        If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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