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        A barbecue shop experience, analysis of others grill lesson, try to earn not lose

        The grill is always a little investment, working capital turnover period is short, the profit rate is relatively high entrepreneurial projects, for those small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as long as it is able to find a better location of the barbecue shop, however, before the open grill need to do market research and understanding. At the same time, also want to listen to others open barbecue shop experience, as far as possible to earn nothing.
        Fresh barbecue food: no matter where to eat, everybody wants to eat the food is delicious, but also for the barbecue, only fresh ingredients to ensure the barbecue cooking, so choose your food suppliers, this is very important, the only way to not let guests to eat not because fresh food and annoyed, angry, may not come in to patronize.
        Clean dining environment: barbecue restaurant dining environment is very important for the customer, if the first time we went to a barbecue shop, there is grease on the desktop, the store is not a good smell smell, will be on the grill greatly impressed, even on the grill to health also have a doubt, eat you will have the psychological discomfort. If you can make the environment and decoration of the barbecue shop very comfortable, even if the taste is normal, it will attract a lot of clean customers.
        The classification of barbecue: barbecue shop, if conditional, can be divided into traditional barbecue, self-service barbecue. But note that the separate dining area, eat buffet barbecue smoke to prevent the impact on the traditional barbecue guests can also install automatic grill on the barbecue is arranged on the upper side of the barbecue smoke machine, the fume dispose of all.
        Processing: barbecue grill fume fume often will affect the life of the surrounding residents, because the barbecue shop business at the same time, also want to consider the surrounding residents feel, barbecue smoke should be unified recycling, emissions to install fume purification treatment, otherwise the surrounding residents complain will get you everywhere. Even lead to closure.

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