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        Open a barbecue shop failure case, I hope every barbecue shop after reading, can avoid these problems

        Businessmen every investment business do not want their investment business failure, small capital, heavy bankrupt. So investment is a matter of caution. Of course, a barbecue shop is no exception, and hope that their hard drive grill can earn pours, here to tell you about the failure case of barbecue shop, I hope everyone can avoid these problems, correct mistakes.
        Positioning of their barbecue shop is not clear, blindly imitate others, do not have their own characteristics. Only see others open barbecue shop, business is booming, and they also opened a, completely without its own characteristics, the management of their own barbecue shops are also in accordance with other people's imitation, will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is very important to have a suitable location for the barbecue shop. The choice of address, the surrounding environment and the structure of the house need to be determined after market research and analysis.
        Family barbecue shop, whether it is financial, procurement, or reception, kitchen staff have more or less people in the family, he smatter, manage things, even accused some external managers, which will lead to the loss of talent, if this barbecue restaurant business down, will be closed close the door. Of course, not the enterprise cannot use family members, mainly to do their essential work, enterprises in the operation and management of the system and the post assessment for all people are fair, not to say that the family members can be spared, this is very important. If investors blindly protect, do not listen to anyone's advice, then in the end will only bring enterprises to the abyss.
        Rules and regulations exist, the fundamental operation of an enterprise lies in the system, standards, assessment, even if an enterprise can not do these, then grill existed very big business risk, each enterprise in operation and management, there will be loopholes in management, and system and standard of assessment is to test the basic work tool, if the enterprises do not strictly enforce these regulations if there will be a series of questions: why good business does not make money? Why does talent always run away? Wait。
        Departmental division is not standardized, procurement and suppliers in a piece every day, rebate benefits taken casually, barbecue shop costs are virtually increased, warehouse management confusion, no management system and supervision. Therefore, as the Logistics Department of enterprises is very critical, but investors and managers often neglect the existence of these departments.
        Kitchen management positioning is not clear, the replacement of the chef is a homely food, barbecue restaurant, the kitchen is crucial, dishes positioning barbecue, barbecue and barbecue taste characteristics, need to measure, whether it is the kitchen staff, or chef take over the team, should according to the standards and requirements to assess.
        Promotional activities not only the eyes, going from a long-term point of view, barbecue shop just started doing that many people do not know, do an activity to look popularity is normal, there may be some investors will think that promotion says few fold, or spending how much barbecue offset coupons, barbecue feel shop at a loss. In fact, the beginning is to popularity, barbecue shops do not have a certain amount of traffic, profits are higher, it will not make money. So, promotion is each industry to continue to carry out the work, and to develop promotional activities to achieve the goal, through market research, regional culture and other standards to formulate promotion plan. After all, the purpose of promotion is to promote the consumption of guests, to bring higher profits to barbecue shops, as well as the reputation of the barbecue shop.
        There are many cases of the failure of the barbecue shop, and making the barbecue shop bigger and stronger is the culture and standard of its own enterprise. Therefore, each industry needs professional managers and investors strategic planning, the two are inseparable. Join the barbecue shop and your own barbecue shop can, mainly depends on your own choice. But every barbecue shop must have its own characteristics, this is important. If investors or entrepreneurs intend to open a barbecue shop, can consult our food source of 157-1381-7123, we will give you a barbecue restaurant guide, barbecue shop window, internal decoration design, automatic barbecue grill equipment. The products around the barbecue are available, others can provide one-stop service as long as they are related to barbecue.

        If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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