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        How much does it cost to open a barbecue shop and the front of the barbecue shop should be analyzed to prevent the shortage of funds

        Since ancient times, China there is an old saying: the poor do not eat, drink is not poor, not to calculate I poor, this sentence can be applied to all places, whether it is business or home, money to the local computing, although the shop is to create revenue, but the basic way is to increase the cost of control one of the income, also determines the fate of barbecue shop, Rome was not built in a day, a lot of barbecue shop business failure because the cost is not well controlled, therefore, cost control can not be ignored. So, how much do you need to open a barbecue shop? What are the things you have to buy? What can you do without buying it?.
        Normally, the cost of the daily grill is raw material costs, such as barbecue ingredients, carbon, spices, and oils. There are expenditure costs, such as: employee wages, utilities and so on. In fact, the cost of raw materials should be divided into two kinds, one is food costs, raw materials and various auxiliary condiments. Another is the cost of drinks; drinks and drinks. As the barbecue shop operates barbecue products have no fixed sales, there is no fixed costs, it is difficult to calculate the production costs of different barbecue products. Therefore, when calculating the cost of raw materials, only the direct consumption price of raw materials is calculated.
        Barbecue grill necessities cost, shop rent, shop decoration, automatic barbecue stove, tables and chairs, exhaust facilities, air conditioning, freezer, kitchen utensils, bamboo skewers roasted with steel racks, guests placed barbecue food, eating barbecue dish and so on customers.
        How much is it to open a barbecue shop? The size of the barbecue shop is different. The size of the house, the grade of the facilities and equipment will affect the cost of the barbecue shop. So we can't generalize.

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